Safe Online Shopping Tips for Diwali Season

Safe online shopping tips these days are very essential keeping in view the hacking and attackers always on the prowl. The Diwali festive season – or any season for that matter – is a big chance for hackers to get hold of sensitive data. Here we have some tips for you.

Safe Online Shopping Tips

You can run the risk of being a victim of phishing scams or even online theft. Hackers take advantage of malware and/or spyware to copy key credentials and make undue use of them.

Use an anti-virus and update OS

If you are using an internet connection one of the most important safe online shopping tips is to have an anti-virus of a reputed company. Usually make sure you are using the internet security option that you can choose. This ensures you will get full protection against all kinds of thefts and threats online.

Moreover, also remember to update your OS regularly. This means, you should have the latest copy of your OS with latest updates installed. When you are connected to internet, the OS website you are using will keep prompting you for updates whenever available. Always install them and they will keep you safe from the vulnerabilities of the older version of the programs.


Is It Too Good To Be True?

If you are looking at offers that you, at the back of your mind feel, that they are too good to be true, then wait. Chances are you are being lured to carry out things that you shouldn’t. Special offers and discounts are a common thing in festive days. But, you are likely to get an intuition if you feel you are looking at an offer that’s just too good to reject.

Safe Online Shopping Tips: Go for COD – Cash on Delivery – Payment Method

The best safe online shopping tips are to give it a second thought and look before you leap. You can also do a quick search to cross check if what you are reading – the offers, discounts, etc – actually exist.

Use of Debit and Credit Cards

Let’s suppose, you make a payment through your debit or credit card, which many of us do. The high percent of users use this method of payment. Safe online shopping tips tell us to be careful when you use your debit/credit card.

Can you get a new debit/credit card this season?

The safest way is to get a new card. The information of your card is still up to you. Stealing it even before your transaction is complete is next to impossible. Secondly, make sure you keep your balance to a minimum level. So, even if your details fall in wrong hands, you won’t suffer much. And yes, don’t forget the option of using a virtual credit card feature, which many banks are offering lately.


Use Private Computer for Transaction

Do not do online shopping on a publicly shared computer or at a cyber café. It is possible that you leave a trail back of your activities and not even be aware of it. Use the option of typing with a virtual keyboard for entering your details even if you are transacting from home.

Always surf from a secured link that start with “https://” in green.

More Additional Security Tips

  • Always shop from reputed websites and brands
  • Check out for the padlock in address bar, which shows the page is HTTPS verified
  • Use the one time password (OTP) when paying online
  • Don’t forget to have a look at the privacy policy of sites from where you want to shop
  • Avoid using clicking on links that you get in your mailbox, especially from unknown and unauthorized sources


Many e-com sites offer various gifts and concession during the festive season. The prices on the online sites are very tempting and certainly affordable than the traditional retail stores. So, it is vital you always are aware of the safe online shopping tips. Hope this article helps you!

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