With Samsung 2A Micro USB Car Charger Stay Fueled Up

Gone are the days when you travelled without a USB car charger. With devices like Samsung 2A around, charging your device on the go has become all that easier. You no longer need to worry about charging your gadgets even when you are travelling. Car chargers are fast becoming an indispensable way of life.

USB Car Charger

With the Samsung 2A charger, you will always keep your battery full. You can power up right from your car. Drained and dead batteries will be a thing of the past and your phone will be accessible whenever you wish.

Be it your Samsung Galaxy device or any other device for that matter, your micro-USB devices will always remain fully charged with USB car charger. So, you phone will be at your service any time you want.

The charger can be plugged in a 12V cigarette lighter. Any other 12V socket can also be helpful for charging your device. So, even when you are travelling in your car, you can easily charge the Smartphone.

The USB car charger comes in handy when you do not get time to charge your phone at home. Or you may have forgotten to charge it or there’s no power. Your important calls will always be answered when your Smartphone is fully charged.



And once your phone is charged, making or receiving calls and sending or getting messages will be a task like you normally carry out with your phone.

Charging Options

The Samsung charger has a detachable cable, so you can plug to Micro USB from USB cable and vice versa. The best thing is that you can charge your devices if even 12V outlet isn’t accessible to you immediately. This way, the USB car charger comes to your rescue.

What’s more, the Micro USB cable also allows you to sync your data. So, if you have a PC and a Samsung Galaxy Smartphone and need to sync data, this Micro USB cable will come handy.

If you use more than one vehicle, make sure you are using at least one USB car charger in each of them. This will give you the option of charging on the move and not have excessive use of one device only. Using different car chargers will also increase their life.

USB Car Charger Features

The features of the car charger are the 2A car charger along with a Micro USB cable. It comes packed with a charging adaptor. The input is DC 12-24V, which gives output of 5.0V with 2000mAh battery. The charging cable is 5-feet in length.

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