Samsung and Android phones continue Nokia’s nightmare

Despite the variety of the Lumia Smartphones, Nokia is still facing severe competition from Samsung and Android phones. The Smartphone market for the Nokia phones is going down and the prime competitors are Samsung and Android phones.

As a matter of fact, the market share for the Finnish company has come down by about 4.9% in three months. This has happened despite the fact that Nokia has shipped at least 5.1 million devices in the same duration. Subtracting those figures might have had given Nokia an even bigger blow.

This loss has pushed Nokia two places down and is currently at the 10th spot as the most popular handset maker. There was a prediction made by Gartner that Nokia will still have to struggle in the Smartphone niche due to its rival Samsung. As a matter of fact, the dominance of Samsung increasing in the markets.

There have been launches of the various Lumia series, including the launch of the Nokia Lumia 925, being the latest in the series. However, it will take time for the popularity and acceptance of Nokia in the near future. And why only Nokia, Samsung is also giving sleepless nights to Apple as well.

According to Gartner, Apple has lost about 1.2 percent of the share in the market. For the first quarter, Apple has 7.8% of the iPhones out of the entire mobile phones sold in the three month period. Apple did business with 38.8 million units during the quarter.

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