Samsung App Store now is Samsung Galaxy Apps

Samsung App Store has now been rechristened as Samsung Galaxy Apps. This comes in an effort to take on other two popular app stores – the Google Play and App Store.

The announcement came on Friday by the company. There will be hundreds of exclusive apps in the Samsung Galaxy Apps store for the users to access. The South Korean company has said that the store will be accessible to more than 160 countries and 130+ million users.

Samsung Galaxy Apps

The blog post by the company read:

Samsung Electronics launched Samsung Galaxy Apps, an app store that offers hundreds of apps exclusively available to users of Samsung Galaxy mobile devices.

The post further reads that the new store will have improvements in the new store as compared to its ancestor.Samsung Galaxy Apps

The Samsung Galaxy Apps will have apps that will give the users more customization options for their mobile devices. Apart from this, the Samsung Galaxy Apps store will also be a bridge to offer discounts or promotions.

Samsung Galaxy Apps Sections

The Galaxy Apps store is divided in three parts in all, namely Best Picks, Top and finally, For Galaxy. To make searching and accessing apps easier, these top three sections are further categorized in more sections.

There will be promotions and recommended apps in Best Picks.

Top Section will come with the most popular apps. These are categorized according to their prices, the date and the popularity.

Finally, there are four sub-categories in For Galaxy. These are Galaxy Gifts, Galaxy Essentials, Apps for Professionals and Galaxy Specials.

Galaxy Gifts will offer premium apps exclusively for Galaxy gadgets only.

Galaxy Essentials will have the most essential apps, as the name suggests.

Apps for Professionals consists of apps that are business oriented or that offer some kind of services.

In Galaxy Specials there will be apps, which are developed with the help of Samsung SDKs.

A few months back, Samsung and Amazon had joined hands to build a custom e-book service called Kindle for Samsung. The service worked on the Samsung devices only.

Even before that Samsung had initiated a free service for the users of Galaxy Smartphones. And now here is the Samsung Galaxy Apps. Let’s see what kind of response it gets and how much competition it can prove for other two popular app store.

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