Samsung apple case update: $120m Samsung pay to Apple


In Samsung apple case update Samsung Electronics Co Ltd has been asked to pay $120m to Apple Inc. regarding the patent case that has been in the court for months on end now.

The order came on Friday from a jury in the United States. The amount of $119.6 million to be exact, is actually far too less than what Apple was expecting. As a matter of fact, Apple was asking to ban a range of Samsung devices and damages amounting to around $2 billion.

The amount that Samsung has been asked to pay is less than 10%, which is far too low in Apple’s eyes.

According to Brian Love, who is the assistant professor at the Santa Clara University School of Law, Apple had initiated the case against Samsung after the Korean company came up with products with Android OS that saw the devices become popular and swift rise.Samsung Logo

He further added that the case won’t serve Apple’s purpose.

In the latest Samsung apple case update, the trial that was underway in San Jose, California, Samsung was accused by Apple of violating the patents on the Smartphone features. Samsung had plainly refuted the claims.

During the hearing on Friday, the jury came to the conclusion that Samsung had violated a couple of Apple patents. A couple of years back, the US-based company was awarded $930 million at this same place. However, Apple could not bring a permanent ban on Samsung Smartphone sales in the US.

Samsung apple case update

However, it is not only about the legalities of the case that the two companies are involved in. If some experts in the business are to be believed, the current legal tussle between Samsung and Apple is an attempt on the part of Apple to restrain the growth of the Smartphones that run on Android OS.

Android OS is the rival operating system brought out by Google Inc. to battle Apple’s iOS. Samsung had sold the most devices that run on Android OS.

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