Samsung Galaxy brings out new hybrid gadgets

Samsung has brought out a new range of Samsung Galaxy hybrid gadgets in an event to cash in on the growing popularity of its Smartphones and tablets. The event was attended by scores of journalists from around the world apart from gadget buffs.

The gadgets were from the latest products of the company from the ATIV and the Galaxy range. Informative video presentations, demonstrations of the products marked the event that took place in London.

One of the products was the ATIV Q, which is a hybrid gadget. It can be used both as a notebook as well as a tablet. It simply is irresistible with the 13.3-inch screen, which is bigger than most tablets around today. ATIV Q also comes with an entire keyboard that lies hidden beneath. With a smooth slide, it comes out.

Another feature of the ATIV Q is the ability to use two operating systems on a single gadget. It works on Android as well as on Windows 8. That gives more room for using more apps that can run on Android and on Windows 8 too. it becomes feasible to use multiple apps on a single device.

Generally, it is not possible to share the files between Windows and Android or it is very frustrating and time-consuming. But with two OSes, file sharing has been easier than before.

In the hybrid category, the South Korean company unveiled the Samsung Galaxy S4 Zoom. Apart from the standard functions of a Smartphone found in such high-end phones, the S4 Zoom comes with a bonus – the full zoom camera with 10x optical zoom. However, the phone with the 16MP camera looks a tad bulkier.

The Samsung Galaxy S4 Active made news as well, which is simply the toughest of them all. No wonder, the phone targets people in the field like sports, adventure and who love traveling through the roughs. The water-resistance feature is the crest of all the features.

The Samsung Galaxy S4 Mini was another attraction, which is the younger brother of the new Galaxy S4. It offers all the features that the original gadget offers. Due to the low cost of the Smartphone, it can potentially reach wider consumers.

There are also plans from the company to have colors for the Galaxy S4 version. Now customers will get to choose from colors like brown, red pink, blue and purple.

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