Samsung Customer Incentives Plan to Retain Them

In South Korea, Samsung users are getting paid. This Samsung customer incentives policy is to retain its customers and stick to Samsung. Read on to know more!

Samsung Customer Incentives Policy

Samsung-Galaxy-C9, Samsung-Customer-Incentives-PolicySamsung is playing all the right moves to retain its customers. The company is currently paying its customers a sum of $100. The credit is transferred to the customers if they swap their Galaxy Note 7 with any other device, provided it’s from Samsung only. Talking about swapping other smartphones, the company pays a sum of $25. Samsung customers are getting paid, just to switch their smartphones, to another Samsung smartphone. Who wouldn’t want to switch the defective Note 7 with another device, and in return get paid?

The company has already implemented its Samsung customer incentives plan, and it is working well as of today. Samsung is undoubtedly determined in keeping its customers stick to the company. The company fears that its customers would switch to other companies. Its biggest threats are Apple Inc. and Alphabet Inc.

 The Note 7 issue, which had a battery defect, has caused the company a major damage, financially as well as customer related. The battery explosion cases that caused a lot of incidents in the past month resulted in the company to recall the device. Samsung had replaced the issue causing units, yet the battery explosion cases never ended. Samsung had even relaunched the Note 7 on the Indian market on October 7. However, as the battery fire incidents kept repeating, the company had to put a full stop on Note 7 productions.
This new policy by the company is also a way by which customers can return their Note 7. The customers are happy with their Note 7 and are unwilling to return their smartphone, irrespective of fear of endangering their lives. The Samsung customer incentives policy paying $100 to the customers has proven to be an effective plan till date.
The Note 7 issue has pulled down the sales of the company. Most of the people had a faith that the company wouldn’t be able to pull back its customers. This new Samsung customer incentives policy has proven that Samsung can make its customers stick to the company as well as sustain their happiness with them.

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