Samsung Flip Phone Golden 4 ready to make a Comeback

Golden 4, the Samsung flip phone might just make a comeback. This could possibly bring the era of the flip smartphones back once again. And when it comes from Samsung, there’s all the reason to believe that it will happen.

Samsung Flip Phone

Samsung flip phone might actually do a comeback – surprised? And possibly we are talking about the Samsung Golden 4. Do you remember the time when there was a craze about flip phones? It was a huge hit among the youngsters – flipping their phones. But as the touch screens came into play they were forgotten and hardly any brand was producing them. But it seems Samsung has not forgotten about them. There is a rumor going around that Samsung will be releasing flip phone in 2016 itself.

The highly popular brand is in the talks of releasing the Golden 4 that will pack an Exynos 8890 chipset and a set of AMOLED screen. It will also have the camera quality of the recent releases in the S series making it a very efficient phone.


The most unique thing about the design of the Samsung flip phone will be that it will have a flip design that will have a screen on the front as well. The screen is likely to be 3.9-inch with high definition, making it very easy to be carried around. It will have a 12 MP back camera and a 5 MP front camera. The glass and metal finish of the phone will definitely make it a beauty.

But the only sad part is that apparently only China will be getting this model as of now. If the Samsung flip phone will make to the Indian market, we still don’t know. However, we will let you know about any such development in the future. We have our fingers crossed.


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