Second Samsung Galaxy Gear Smartwatch possible in the works

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Samsung has not even done with the Galaxy Gear yet after the pre-booking and the news of a second Samsung Galaxy Gear Smartwatch have already started floating. It is understood that the news are emanating from Media – a Korean news site.
If the reports are anything to go by, the next version of the Galaxy Gear could indeed be shaping up. However, these are pretty much unconfirmed reports still. However, the rumormongers are going strong and the guessing game has already started.
Some believe that the next version may carry an enhanced battery for better backup apart from GPS. It is also likely to extend support to a range of Android gadgets. As of now, the pairing of the Galaxy Gear is possible with only the Samsung Galaxy Note 3.
In January next year, the latest watch might go public during the Consumer Electronics Show. If not in January, at least in February, when there is the Mobile World Congress gets underway, the new device would make an appearance.
After hearing that Samsung is already preparing for the second version, a question naturally pops as to why Samsung is making so haste with their second version when practically the new watch hasn’t even reached the common man?
As a matter of fact, Samsung wants to get a feel of how the Galaxy Gear would be received, so that they can then make the necessary changes and dish out a fine-tuned product.
However, it would be too premature to speculate on anything right now. Let’s keep our fingers crossed and see what steps Samsung takes if it is indeed bringing out the second version so soon.

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