Coming soon: Faster Samsung Galaxy S4

You might be as well working with a Samsung Galaxy S4 and are happy with the way it functions. But how about having the same gadget working faster for you – at twice the rate? Yes, Samsung is now working on the new variant of the flagship Galaxy S4 to pass on your data at two times the speed that you normally used to get on your older device.

The news was broken by the head of the company’s mobile business today – on Monday, June 17. The work for such a device is underway and is likely to get completed anytime soon. In the next couple of weeks, the dream gadget should be up and running.

The new version of the Samsung Galaxy S4 will be ready for sales in the local market – the South Korean market in this month itself, the co-CEO of the company, J K Shin added.

Samsung is already in discussion with some foreign carriers to get the phone. Shin was speaking during an interview about the new Smartphone. However, the names of the carriers were kept a secret. So, we will have to wait until the next announcement from Samsung.

However, J K Shin revealed that the company will be the first with a commercial launch of this advanced 4G variant of the phone. The newer S4 will have the LTE-Advanced 4G technology. The traditional LTE (Long Term Evolution) will get an upgrade known as LTE-Advanced that has the ability to transfer the data at twice the speed of 4G.

The Qualcomm chips will power the new phones. Traditionally, on 4G, it requires about 3 minutes to download a movie. But with the new technology, it will take only a tad more than a minute for downloading the same movie.

As far as the costs are concerned, Shin played cards close to the chest and didn’t disclose the price tag. However, he has given a hint that the new model of the Samsung Galaxy S4 will be faintly expensive than the old model.

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