Samsung Galaxy S8 Reportedly to Get LG Batteries

After the trouble faced by the customers and the accidents due to Note 7 battery overheating, Samsung Galaxy S8 reportedly to have batteries built by LG.

Samsung Galaxy S8 With LG-Designed Batteries


The fire catching accidents of Note 7 were due to battery overheating. They have already caused too much of trouble to the company. The Samsung team also being unaware of this reason initially. What could be the reason behind the overheating issues? When Samsung was recalling the devices, they also needed to send fire-proof boxes so customers could safely send them back. Samsung has finally decided on something important. The report says Samsung Galaxy S8 would likely to have batteries developed by LG.

With the early incidents of Note 7 catching fire, the company had blamed the sealed-in batteries for the accidents. It readily replaced the Note 7 faulty units with its new Note 7 units. But the replacement didn’t make any big difference, even when it came with a software update.  At last the company had to take a big decision. Samsung then pulled back Galaxy Note 7 devices. And also had to stop its production. It is said that company had a loss of about $3 billion.

Samsung provides the batteries for its smartphones from Samsung SDI and ATL. Samsung SDI which is a subsidiary of the company. Also being the 70% provider of the Note 7 batteries. Reportedly Samsung is trying to cut down its dependence on Samsung SDI for the batteries. With LG batteries onboard, Samsung will have altogether three companies for battery productions, reducing the risk of further accidents in new devices like the Samsung Galaxy S8.

On the other hand, the fire catching incidents of Note 7 was due to faulty batteries. They weren’t yet proved. It is also said that the extra pressure on the battery, caused a bend in the battery. This bend was the cause of the overheating of the Note 7 handsets. Though nothing has been claimed yet by the company, yet precautions have to be taken for the rest of the models, which also includes the Samsung Galaxy S8.


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