Samsung Galaxy S8 Shipment is Right on the Way

The wait is over! The Samsung Galaxy S8 and S8+ are going on sale in India. Have you ordered your Samsung Galaxy S8 shipment yet?

Samsung Galaxy S8 Shipment

Samsung Galaxy S8 Shipment

  • Have you placed your pre-order?

Subsequently, we can already sense the enthusiasm in general public. This super stylish phone is already a point of talking in the town. Market trends show that pre-orders for the devices have started after the phone was launched in March with some cool deals. Sensing the buzz Samsung Galaxy S8 has created, we believe that this handset is surely going to keep up the promises. Are you ready for the Samsung Galaxy S8 shipment?

  • Early risers and freebies

It is also reported that some of the early risers have already placed their pre-orders and received their Samsung Galaxy S8 shipment. Reports also state that several third party retailers have already begun shipping the pre-ordered units.

We would love to inform all those who have not pre-ordered yet, and are planning to do so – do it as soon as you can. Samsung is accepting the pre-orders and not just that it is giving away a wireless charger for free with every pre-ordered unit. So, did you order your Samsung Galaxy S8 shipment yet?


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