Samsung Galaxy S8 Will Have Two Variants In Asian Markets

Samsung Galaxy S8 Leaks

Recent Samsung Galaxy S8 leaks from South Korea and China come with a disappointing news, the Samsung Galaxy S8 flagship device will take some more time for its launch than previously expected. Leaks reveal that Samsung has postponed the launch date of Samsung Galaxy S8 smartphone but until then there are some interesting rumours to check out.

Recent Leaks Reveal Details About Samsung Galaxy S8

According to the latest leaks from an insider in Samsung, the Galaxy S8 flagship device will be sporting a camera equipped with dual ADC. This explains the fact that the Galaxy S8 will offer better colour depth in pictures. The information from the insider also revealed the price and availability of the Samsung Galaxy S8 series smartphones.

Samsung Galaxy S8 Camera Will Have Dual ADC Support

According to the recent tweet by the leakster @mmddj_china, Samsung Galaxy S8’s camera will come with Dual ADC support and IMX204 support.  Furthermore, he also said that as IMX204 is for 20megapixel, it may not be found in Samsung Galaxy S8 device. This squares down to the thought that the device’s camera will have Dual ADC support for better picture clarity, as reported by Firstpost.

Asian Markets May Have Two S8 Variants Based On Internal Storage

Also, tweets from the same leakster reveal that the Galaxy S8 variant for South Korea and China will ship with 6GB of RAM and the base variants will come with 4GB of RAM.  The Asian markets are likely to have an option between choosing between an internal storage of 64 GB or 128 GB. The leaks also revealed that the 64 GB Samsung Galaxy S8 variant would be sold for approximately $885 (Rs 60,000)and the expensive 128 GB Galaxy S8 variant will be priced at latter will be priced at about $943( Rs 64,000).

However, there is no confirmation or an official announcement from Samsung yet. Hence, fans can take the news with a grain of salt until any further announcements.

[Featured Image by YouTube Screenshot/Android Authority]

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