Rumors about RAM and Storage of the Samsung Galaxy S9 Plus Launch

Rumors spread about the RAM and storage of features of Samsung Galaxy S9 Plus launch and Galaxy S9. The handset’s expected to be available in its multiple variants.

Samsung Galaxy S9 Plus Launch

Samsung Galaxy S9 Plus Launch

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It is still not confirmed if Samsung will reveal its new Galaxy S9 series models soon. Until they are out, rumors will undoubtedly persist about the upcoming models. The latest buzz from China was about the RAM and the storage variant in Galaxy S9 and Galaxy S9+. Let’s find out what features we can expect from the two:

Rumors about the Galaxy S9 and Galaxy S9+

The reports state that Samsung plans to bring out two different variants of the Galaxy S9. This will ensure the company giving its customers a better variety of choice. With a varied range of price and concerning the comfort levels of the customers, one can choose among the two variants. While one may have a 64 GB storage, the other may hold 128 GB storage internally. Both the models will have 4 GB RAM.

Concerning its enhanced version, one can expect that the Samsung Galaxy S9 plus launch may be in three different variants. All the three variants will hold a 6 GB RAM. They will again vary in their storage offering 64 GB storage, 128GB, and 256GB respectively. However, we can also expect the company to launch a new variant with 512GB storage. It will again have a 6 GB RAM. Yet, this modification will not be available in all markets and may show its availability in a limited quantity too.

Further, the gossips do not end here. Reports say that the phones will have a dual camera system alike to other major handsets released lately. The Galaxy S9 plus model will stay an advanced version only in terms of its RAM.

Final words

The information, whether it is true or not, is not yet confirmed. We can expect Samsung to reveal the phones’ true features in the Mobile World Congress 2018 next month in Barcelona. The two models are at a high priority expecting Samsung to disclose their features and launch them soon.


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