Samsung Galaxy Sales for S7 Series May Reach 25m by June

The Galaxy S7 series has proved to be a blessing for the company and the Samsung Galaxy sales have definitely increased taking the South Korean company to another level.

Samsung Galaxy Sales


After the launch of the Galaxy S7 series, the Samsung Galaxy sales have definitely increased with two of its latest models – the Galaxy S7 and the S7 Edge. It is said that these are two new smartphones that have managed to impress a lot of consumers. Already they are doing much better than the last models of Samsung. It is supposed that they are doing so well because of the exceptional features. Also the marketing strategy that Samsung uses for the sales cannot be ruled out. One can also just consider the exceptional thinking of deciding to launch it way before time has helped with the sale.

The fun fact here is that despite the cost of Galaxy S7 edge being more than that of the Galaxy S7, still it is selling more, which is good news for the business of Samsung. With such rise in Samsung Galaxy sales they are bound to be extremely profitable at the end of the year for sure. Samsung has already shipped about 10 million phones during the very first month of its release, which is a cool number for sales. And they are expected to complete sales of a total of 25 million total units by the end of the June. They may see a fall in the second half of the year as they are going come out with the Galaxy Note 7 which will cover up for everything.

Another reason for the Samsung Galaxy sales to take a dip is because in about three months’ time, Apple will be launching the iPhone 7, which are likely to get Intel chips for a few select markets.


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