How-to Videos: Samsung Explaines Gear S2 Through Videos

Samsung has released five videos for Samsung Gear S2 explainng how the device can be used easily. Here we bring to you all those five videos. Enjoy them and have fun!

Samsung Gear S2

Touchscreen and Navigation

In the first video Samsung talks about how the touch screen and navigation can be used.

How to Connect the Gear S2 to a Samsung Handset

This is one of the best videos of the five how-to video series of the Samsung Gear S2. You will also get to know what you can do if Samsung Gear Manager isn’t installed on your Galaxy.

How to Transfer Media to the Gear S2

The third video, in a very interesting way shows how you can exchange files between mobile devices. Watch it. It’s very easy!

Battery-saving Features

Saving on battery power is a prime concern the world over. Lots of experiments have taken place regarding features that save your battery and extend its life. Have a look at this video and see how useful this will be.

Call and Messaging

By the way, calling and messaging are the basic features of any mobile phone. So, what’s new in introducing this feature and dedicating an entire video for this? Watch the following video to know more!

The Samsung Gear S2 is indeed that easy to use and it is evident after watching these videos. Stay tuned for more updates on the Samsung Smartwatch as we will keep bringing all the latest developments as and when they happen.


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