Samsung to launch the first Smartwatches with Tizen platform

Samsung Electronics Co on Sunday launched the first Smartwatch with their own Tizen platform. It is understood that Samsung is looking to keep itself away from Google’s Android OS and that is why is experimenting with the Tizen OS.

The South Korean company is working hand-in-hand with Intel Corp. developing the mobile platform. The primary aim of developing this platform is to fight the Android OS, which is a free software program, from the house of Google.Samsung Tizen, Samsung Tizen OS

As a matter of fact, Samsung uses the Android OS in a very big way, especially in their Galaxy devices. There is a very high reach of the OS as it is estimated that the OS is used in an extraordinary 80% of the devices globally.

Samsung is all set to usher in a couple of new Smartwatches. This comes within six months since it first introduced the wristwatch. The device also used the Android. There was a messages conveyed directly that Samsung isn’t a company that will keep following Apple when it comes to innovative devices.

The Korean company certainly shows the urge to have something that is not yet in the minds or in the markets yet. As Apple once was known for its innovation gadgets, Samsung also wants to be an organization with newer devices in the global market.

However, the ride wasn’t a smooth one was the Galaxy Gear Smartwatch received flak for being a device that doesn’t have easy to use features nor has an unwieldy design.

It is understood that Samsung hasn’t really upgraded the hardware for the Galaxy Gear 2 and Neo 2, which doesn’t come with a camera. However, there are some additions like a remote TV control, a heart rate monitoring feature as well as a standalone music player.

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