Samsung launches the Samsung Galaxy S4 mini

Samsung has launched the Samsung Galaxy S4 mini – a stripped down variant of the original Samsung Galaxy S4. The launch is aimed at having an even bigger share in the market. Capturing the market in the mid-tier segment is now crucial as the market for the high-end mobiles have slowed down a bit.
It was just a month ago that Samsung had launched the Galaxy S4, which became the fastest selling Smartphone to have reached the 10 million mark in less than one month. The Galaxy S4 mini is built with a 4.3 inch screen. Even the S4 mini sports a bigger screen than Apple iPhone 5’ 4 inch screen and comes with an 8MP rear camera.
There is yet no word on the price of the phone. However, experts feel it could be priced at about $350. The timing of the launch of the Galaxy S4 mini is very vital as Apple will also be launching a low-priced edition of the iPhone. There is no doubt that the competition will be a heated one as the companies try to keep an upper hand over the other.
There are expectations that there will be more variants of the Samsung Galaxy S4 in the next month. The mobile event is just round the corner, which is scheduled to take place in London and the new Samsung gadgets are expected to be launched during the event itself.

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