Samsung OLED Display to Cost a Fortune for Samsung

Samsung OLED display is the talk of the town after Samsung said it will be investing a whopping $6.8 billion for pushing up the production of the OLEDs.

Samsung OLED Display

In the past there had been reports that Apple had given the mobile company a huge order of OLED display screens that were to be used in the upcoming Apple iPhone – the iPhone 8 would use the AMOLED technology in the next year. But now it seems that Samsung is giving its best and more in order to get the production of the OLED screens a boost so that they can release it before the iPhone is actually released, which makes the Samsung OLED display the new ‘in thing’ after the AMOLED displays.


The news is that the company is spending around 6.8 million dollars on the new type of screen. It will be completely transforming the recent use of AMOLED screens. The tech giants have accounted for production of 95 percent of the OLED screen productions in the quarter 1 in this year itself. This puts enough weight behind the Samsung OLED display as a strong candidate for Apple’s outsourcing. They are looking forward to releasing the phones soon that will have this new technology since the rival brand Apple is up to release its new phone in the fourth quarter it is expected that Samsung will come out with the OLED screen displays in the third quarter itself.

Many of the other manufacturers like the Chinese mobile phone companies are using AMOLED screens as they are not only much better than any of the previous makes but the cost of production has gone down drastically. Techies are definitely looking forward for the new OLED displays, as we are.

As a big global brand, the Samsung OLED display is here to stay!


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