Samsung has to pay Apple $290m for phone copying

The cost of copying phones is $290m. That is what Samsung is supposed to pay Apple for ‘copying the phones’. The decision has come from a jury from the Silicon Valley, who has pronounced this judgment. The amount is in the region of £180m.

Samsung has been asked to pay the amount for ‘copying’ the features of iPhones and iPads in their own devices.Apple iPad

It came to the notice that Samsung owed the US-based Apple a sum of $1.05bn that regards to copyright infringement. However, there could be a change in the amount that Samsung is supposed to be due to an error in calculation. This was brought to the notice by Lucy Koh, who is the US District Judge.

It is expected that Samsung will appeal the verdict against them. Apple has said that the case in question has been more than the money involved or the patent war. The company statement further added that it is the hard work and the innovation that they have brought about that helped them invent better products and these are the products that are loved by the people.

The innovation is invaluable and cannot be measured in the form of a price tag, Apple said. However, they also pointed out to Samsung that copying comes at a cost.

Apple had appealed on as many as 26 devices from the house of Samsung that they felt were using their innovative ideas. The jury had taken into account half of those products. However, it must be mentioned that the models in question are now older ones that included Smartphones and tablets from Samsung.

The amount of $290m is in addition to $550m. This is what Samsung is supposed to pay Apple as a result of the preliminary judgment. If all the figures are put together, Samsung must pay Apple an amount of nearly $930. Samsung, on the other hand had said that they owe just $52m and nothing more.

Apple also wanted the court to stop the sales of the older Samsung devices that used the technology from Apple. The judge had denied issuing such an order. However, an US Appeals Court told the judge to ponder over the decision again.

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