Samsung Pay First Birthday Celebrated in the US

Samsung Pay first birthday has been celebrated in the US. The mobile payment system has turned one year old. Samsung Pay is one of the most widely accepted payment processors in the world today.

Samsung Pay First Birthday

With Samsung Pay first birthday, it has officially turned ‘1’ in the US. The mobile payment service entered Europe in June. It is the most widely used mobile payment system, in the US and South Korea. In just a year, Samsung Pay has swiftly accelerated towards technological innovations, putting together marvellous features like support for their user memberships, coupons and gift cards and , allowing users to avail as many benefits as possible. Samsung Pay collaborates with over 500 banks and credit unions, which covers over 80 percent of card market.

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Samsung Pay also offers new attributes which include an in-app search service for coupons. We usually search the Internet for valid coupons, but Samsung pay has an inbuilt search option, automatically reducing our valuable efforts. Storing and redeeming coupons, as well as it includes the technology of cloud storage. It is a big boon to add technologies like cloud computing, which automatically reduces the complexities for the users. Whenever the user signs back into the account, but from a new device, it restores the gift cards, Samsung reward cards and membership cards.

As a part of Samsung Pay first birthday grand celebration, Samsung is offering its users prizes worth $100,000! And not only this, the company has announced a lucky draw of 365 customers, to celebrate their 365 days, who would get free Gear S2 smartwatch. Isn’t it that exciting!?

Samsung Pay continues to integrate new features and extra services to make it a complete, integrated digital wallet, whose functionalities does not limit to debit and credit cards only. With the partnership of Quotient Technology Inc., which is a leading digital promotional platform, Samsung Pay presents its users with the benefit and ability to search, save as well as redeem coupons at selected retailers in the app installed in their smartphones.

Users can upload, at any time, a membership or loyalty card from their selected retailers within the Quotient space, which may include their frequently visited grocery stores, drugs or any other retailer. Users then can view hundreds of offers in the app and save the coupons which they can use ahead for their next payment. And, because those coupons are already linked to their membership account, the saved coupons will automatically be applied during the check-out or payment page.

Samsung Pay now also offers users the convenient technology of cloud storage which automatically restores the membership cards or gift cards and Samsung reward cards, available in the users account whenever they sign back into from a new device.

Samsung pay can be used in almost every store where cards are accepted. It works through magnetic strips. The most important thing is, it is a simple, secure mode of payment and it is everywhere.

Simplicity: Samsung Pay is very simple to use. Users need to scan their fingerprint or iris for authentication on their Galaxy smartphone and pay. There is a list of eligible Samsung smartphones that offer the usage of Samsung pay.

Safe: Samsung Pay uses three-tier security to carry out safe payments. Fingerprint or iris-scanning authentication is the basic level of security followed by tokenization and Samsung Knox.

Omni-Present: Samsung Pay has managed to collaborate with a great number of existing as well as new terminals. Offering the users to make payment almost everywhere.


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