Samsung Pay in India to Knock in Early 2017

The South Korean giant has decided to release its much-anticipated service Samsung Pay in India in the next year. A source is claiming that Samsung is currently underway its testing procedure for the said service.

Samsung Pay In India


One of Samsung’s biggest competitors Apple Pay has knocked Indian market (for the web) recently. Though, Android Pay is yet to reach the territory. Samsung is currently testing the service in the country and aims to release it in the first half of 2017.

While other international competitors of Samsung doesn’t have their presence in the Indian market, but mobile payment solutions have made their roots strong in this territory. So Samsung might have to face a tough competition in this segment.

But Samsung seems to be pretty lucky as India has put its recent bid to curb black money. Due to this reason the Indian government is now encouraging cashless transactions and therefore uses of cash is being reduced to a great extent. It is expected that Samsung could grab a vital part in this payment service segment as it is one of the top smartphone sellers in the country.

Samsung Pay, after its launch, has already processed almost 100 million transactions in over a year. By the time, the payment service is being available in different parts of Brazil, China, Russia, Australia, Singapore, Canada, Spain, the US and the South Korea. The devices that support the service includes Samsung Note7, Galaxy S7, S7 edge, S6 edge, Galaxy S6, Galaxy A5, A7, A9, S6 edge+ and S6 active.

We are very excited to welcome Samsung Pay in India. And it would be interesting to see whether the company make its clear appearance in the market by competing all the other service providers. How do you feel about this announcement? Do let us know in the comments below.


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