Samsung to Release These New Devices after Galaxy S9 and S9+ Launch

The Samsung Galaxy S9 and S9 Plus launch have been doing the rounds for a while now. But which devices will Samsung bring out after this flagship release? Read on to know.

Samsung Galaxy S9, S9 Launch

Galaxy S9 production, Galaxy S9
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Excited about the Samsung Galaxy S9 release? The announcement confirms it’s on February 29.  Once Samsung releases the phone, the whole internet will be talking about the Galaxy only. Some are praising it, many throwing bricks at it. Now while we will be busy admiring the phone once released, Samsung will also be on its toes. Why? Because they are releasing new phones and tablets.

A senior member of the XDA developer forum has reported that the Active versions of the S9 and S9+ would be released soon. And it’ll be after the release of the much-awaited S9 and S9+. Codenamed as “Astarqlte” and “Crown”, these phones will serve as the rugged version of the premium line, along with some extra features.

Samsung Galaxy S9 announcement

Though Active phones were previously exclusive to the AT&T mobile platform, there’s still no confirmation it will remain the same for these Active smartphones. The previous Active smartphones of the premium range had upgraded tougher screens and a tougher back cover.

There aren’t any official dates known for both the premium and Active lines. But as said above, February 25 is the date when the Galaxy S9 and Galaxy S9+ will show up. But based on previous sales records, you can expect that the Active versions of the phone would become available sometime after the release, probably in the summer.

Galaxy Note 9

Since all the main hype is around the Galaxy S9, S9+ and the Active versions of these phones, Samsung is expected to let the hype cool down over these phones. The launch of the Galaxy Note 9 will be in mid-August or mid-Summer. Though there are very few leaks, many of the features regarding the Note 9 are still in the dark. However, expectations include an in-display fingerprint sensor, enhanced speakers, and a headphone jack as well.

Samsung Galaxy S9 announcement

What’s More to Come

Samsung does not intend to stop the fanfare with that, as many other medium budget smartphones might also release right after the Note 9 which include the Galaxy C10, Galaxy C10 Plus, Galaxy J3 Neo, Galaxy J6, and also the Galaxy J8.

Samsung will also pay attention to the Tablet segment and will release the Galaxy Tab A 10.1. 2018, Galaxy Tab E 2018. Apart from this, Samsung will also release the premium priced Galaxy Tab S4.

Though Samsung will release these phones and tablets this year, they haven’t confirmed the specs and prices. So, the wait continues in that respect.


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