Samsung sells 800,000 Smartwatches since its launch

Samsung Electronics has said that they have sold in excess of 800,000 units of the Smartwatches that they had launched recently. The company was trying to play down the speculations that the Smartwatch was a flop. However, by doing so, Samsung is just fueling the speculations.

The Smartwatch was launched in the earlier part of September. When they had to speak about the sales, Samsung clarified that the number of sales referred to the shipments to the carriers and the retailers. This does not have anything to do with the sales to the consumers. This means the actual might be lesser still than what is believed to be.Samsung Galaxy Gear

Samsung does not have the tradition of breaking up the sales to the mobile operators separately. However, they do intermittently come up with numbers that they think is a landmark figure regarding the sales of a particular device.

The company had to face criticism a couple of years back regarding the sales figures. They had reported to have sold two million Galaxy Tab gadgets. However, they later clarified that number was in reference to the shipments.

Some analysts are of the view that Samsung came out with the numbers to put to rest the concerns regarding the unsatisfactory sales of the device. A publication in Korea had claimed that Samsung had sold a poor less than 50,000 units of the device.

Samsung has obviously refused to comment if the sales of the device have overtaken or fell short of the target they had set. The Berlin launch of the product got some mixed reviews. The reason was pretty obvious. People had expected Samsung to have device that would suit their standards. They expected the device to have a fancy and lucrative hardware design and of course more feature on the software front.

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