Samsung follows suit; Brings out Gold Galaxy S4

Samsung has followed Apple in the gold phones category as Samsung has come up with Gold Galaxy S4. The Gold Galaxy S4 is the gold version of Galaxy S4, one of Samsung’s many Smartphones.

Samsung spoke about two phones with gold options, which are Gold Pink or Gold Brown on their Gulf Facebook page. The devices had gold that ran around the edges as well as the home button. However, the pictures carried the images of the phones in such a way that only the front of the gadgets could be seen. That is why it was unclear as to how the rear body was.


There wasn’t any mention about the devices on the company’s Facebook or Twitter pages. This might suggest that these devices may be limited only for the Middle East region. Interestingly, the web site of the company for UAE lists the phones in either black or white options to choose from.

Some days ago, Apple had introduced iPhone 5S in gold version. The iPhones took the Apple fans by storm as the company sold 9 million devices in just three days

Competition is indeed tough as Samsung introduced various devices like the faster Samsung Galaxy S4, the Samsung Galaxy S4 Zoom and the Samsung Galaxy S4 Mini. Samsung had also recently launched the Samsung Galaxy Tab 3 8.0 and Galaxy Tab 3 7.0 in India.

And finally, Samsung also announced that the company will be launching devices with curved screens.

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