Samsung Tizen –the mobile OS alternative to Android and iOS

With the introduction of Tizen, Samsung wants to make it an alternative to Google’s Android or Apple’s iOS.

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Have you heard of Tizen before? Do you know that it can be used in your car or your fridge? If your answer is no, then you aren’t the one in the list. You should neither feel guilty nor should you be blamed for that. Because, a lot of people still do not know what Tizen is.

Actually Tizen is a new operating system from the house of Samsung Electronics Co. The big plans of Samsung do not just stop here. The South Korean company wants to make use of Tizen in things you use like your TV set or your car or even a fridge for a that matter.

Samsung wants to make Tizen a household name, much like what we see about Android or iOS today. And for that to happen, Samsung is taking all the efforts possible. In a bid to make Tizen more effective and user-friendly and to have a discussion on the same, Samsung had organized a two-day conference on the first ever developer conference in Asia yesterday.

The conference saw the inclusion of the mobile operators, people who backed the new program and app developers.

Now if you think there is a mobile phone that runs on Tizen, wait. There’s no such product as of now. However, Samsung is leaving no stone unturned. The company is already expecting the app developers to have apps for the mobile OS that is yet to materialize.

Samsung sold slightly more than 30 per cent of Smartphones in quarter three and most of them ran on Android. Samsung might as well have seen success with the Galaxy series of tablets and Smartphones, however, it had hard time getting the users to use the Galaxy devices with music and messaging with other Samsung gadgets.

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