Samsung Wireless Charger Designs for more Variations

Samsung wireless charger designs are a new brand going to soon hit the market as Samsung has applied for some new patents. And these chargers are going to be of multi-purpose use.

Samsung Wireless Charger Designs


As innovation and the thirst for improvement goes on and on with each passing day in the field of technology, there are improved editions of the same products welcoming us. And in the bid to enhance its system of mobile charging, wireless charging is a moderately newer tech. And Samsung wireless charger designs is a step further from the house of Samsung.


It is the hot topics of discussion in the market these days. As we all know, a mobile charger is one of the prominent accessories of the handset and if it is in a wireless format, then it acts as an icing on the cake. Samsung had filed for a patent in January this year that was recently published by the United States Patent and Trademark Office.


This patent filing for the Samsung wireless charger designs reveals that the designs of these chargers have been considered seriously by it and is therefore working on it. Three wireless chargers are highlighted in its patents along with the illustrations.

The present chargers that the company provides are flat and disc shaped whereas these new designs look far better and more presentable. These chargers are designed to be taller as such these have the ability to charge a smartphone and a smartwatch at the same time. The wireless chargers find a use in charging devices like cameras, electronic glasses, smartwatches, smartphones, tablets, etc.


There is no clarity about the date regarding when the Samsung wireless charger designs can be expected to make an appearance in the market. However it is speculated that it might face up on August 2 this year along with its new handset Samsung Galaxy Note 7.


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