Samsung’s Technology Doubles Lithium Ion Battery Capacity

Lithium ion battery capacity may get a boost in the coming days due to the latest technology developed by Samsung. This will increase the battery life two times for Smartphone users, which would solve the headache of fast battery discharge.

Lithium ion Battery Capacity

These days there are many attractive apps that make users glued to their Smartphones. The result? Fast battery discharge. Some apps use up more battery than normal. To add to that there are notifications too that makes the batteries lose their power faster.

At times, users have to keep their batteries charging all day long. In short, charging a cell phone battery is one of the biggest concerns for Smartphone users.

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A study has been published in a journal – Nature Communications, recently that speaks of extending the lithium ion battery capacity twice. The research claims that the battery capacity can be pushed up to 1.5 to 1.8 times.

What’s the New Technology?

The lithium ion battery capacity can be extended by a novel coating technique for the battery cathodes. The coating technique overhauls the limitations that are currently experienced in the lithium ion batteries.

There is the use of graphene on silicon surface that offers the expansion of volume. And this is what helps in expanding the lithium ion battery capacity.

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Samsung’s Promise

About the new technology introduced by Samsung, the South Korean company is pretty sure that the new technique will be a commercial option. According to the journal, the study points out that the two-dimensional structure of graphene along with the silicon carbide-free integration should serve like a prototype in advancing silicon anodes so that the technology can be used commercially.

Image: Nature Communications

Downsides of New Technology

Though it looks like the lithium ion battery capacity gets almost two times, it is vital to look at what the possible downsides are. Samsung has acknowledged for themselves that the double charging technology is likely to weaken battery competitiveness regarding the density in volumetric energy. It is also very much likely to have (a negative) impact on cycle life.

What is a Cycle Life?

The term “cycle life” refers to the full charging and discharging cycles that the battery supports prior to the battery’s capacity coming down to less than 80% of its main capacity.

In simple words, the “cycle” means the ability to charge a chargeable battery and allowing it to discharge by either using it or on its own.

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Remember, the battery life has nothing to do how long it is used. The lithium ion battery capacity depends on the charge-discharge cycles.

Coming back to the downsides of this technology, Samsung has stated that they are working on ironing out this issue, so that the users may get a longer battery life.

Smart Lithium ion Battery

Heard of the smart lithium ion battery? Actually, this ‘smart’ battery was the product of seamless efforts by the US scientists in the previous year. The upside of this battery is that it alerts the users of the possibility of fire due to overheating. As a matter of fact, the same technique is now used in the majority of a variety of electronic devices that includes cell phones and laptops.

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