Santas Against Penguins Battle Game, Find Out Who’s Powerful

On the occasion of Christmas, we are served with the Santas against Penguins game. A computer simulated game gets you as excited as the battle between David and Goliath.

Santas Against Penguins


A video was recently uploaded on YouTube pitting 4000 Santa Claus soldiers against 11,000 penguins. The video was uploaded by Brilliant Game Studios in an effort to illustrate the capacity of their epic battle simulator. With Christmas round the corner, the Santas against Penguins battle is a good advertising strategy.

The internet is not only informative but also a source of constant entertainment. The gaming industry is blessed with creative and innovative minds that are ready to try new concepts to bring novelty in gaming. Small and big creatures alike are pitted against each other to battle it out for the entertainment of children and adult gamers. Therefore, it was quite a reasonable thing for the company to upload this video with Santas against Penguins, especially with the holiday season involving Santa Claus about to begin.

In this particular video battle, the Santa Claus soldiers are armed with candy canes and so are the penguins. Well, they have built-in tuxedos. The video illustrates the company’s latest software capability to simulate traveling through steep terrain and bodies piling up in the course of the Santas against Penguins battle.

In the spirit of Christmas, everyone is reportedly more interested in the Santas against Penguins battle itself. 4000 Santa Clauses is quite a novelty especially if they are in a fight with 11,000 penguins in an arctic region. It is the stuff that leads to making of wonderlands and fairy tales. If you have a good gaming device and broadband that can handle that kind of speed, you can increase the resolution of the video to  4K and watch the battle in great detail.

The battle begins with the Santa soldiers beating the penguins to death with the huge candy canes. But the Penguins have an ace up their sleeves. They attack the Santa soldiers from above. The Santa soldiers have the upper hand initially but soon lose the battle to the relentless attack of the Penguins. Finally, someone wins the battle. We don’t want to spoil it for you.  You would want to find it out for yourself.


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