Now save 22 days of a year’s time with Smartphone apps

Apps just aren’t for passing your time. With Smartphone apps, you can now save 22 days of a year’s time. It saves 88 minutes in a day, which amounts to 22 days in a year. The findings have come after a study conducted by Harris Interactive.
The conclusions were reached at after the responses of about 2,120 adults were recorded. It was found that the percentage of the users who used at least one app was nearly 97%. This meant that the use of the app saved around 88 minutes in the day for those Smartphone users.
Of those apps which were used the most were the email apps. These were followed by the text apps for messaging, etc. The third category of the most used apps was the social networking apps. Apart from these most frequently used three categories, there were other apps that these Smartphone users were making use of.
Apps were used for playing games, browsing the web, getting information about the weather. The calendar apps were another popular section of the world of apps used by the users. GPS was also used reasonably. If the two apps – the text apps and email apps, it was found that the text apps saved more time of the day.
Around 53 minutes were saved by used the text apps, while the emailing apps saved 18 minutes less – 35 minutes in the day. It’s not that the Smartphones and the apps were used only for personal use. Around 20% of people also used the apps for professional reasons, while about 33% were such people who used it both for work and personal use.

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