Save time with Windows keyboard shortcut keys – Part 1

Many times we need to use the same command on a computer or a keyboard again and again. Each time, carrying out that certain command eats up a lot of time if one does it with the help of a mouse. For example, pointing the mouse button to the ‘Save’ button on the screen or any command for that matter can take a lot of time and energy.

It can even disturb your flow of actions and can derail your thinking process. So, the best way out is to use the keyboard shortcuts. They save your time to an unprecedented amount and your fingers can work on the keyboard just like the way you use it for typing. So, everything remains in the process and saves your time as well.

Here are some commonly used general keyboard shortcuts on the Windows OS.

CTRL + A = Select All

CTRL + B = Bold

CTRL + C = Copy

CTRL + D = Opens the font dialog box

CTRL + E = Toggles between center align and left align

CTRL + F = Opens the “Find” dialog box

CTRL + G = Opens the “Go To” dialog box

CTRL + H = Opens the “Replace” dialog box

CTRL + I = Italics

CTRL + J = Justifies the alignment

CTRL + K = Inserts the hyperlink

CTRL + L = Aligns left

CTRL + M = Inserts indent

CTRL + N = New document, window, etc.

CTRL + O = Opens the “Open” dialog box

CTRL + P = Print

CTRL + R = Aligns right

CTRL + S = Save

CTRL + U = Underline

CTRL + V = Paste

CTRL + W = Close current window

CTRL + X = Cut

CTRL + Y = Redo

CTRL + Z = Undo

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