Security boost for Google with the acquisition of SlickLogin

Security has always been the most vital aspect of Google the web giant is boosting the same with the acquisition of SlickLogin – the audio password creator.

SlickLogin is an Israeli company that is a specialist in using sounds as login credentials rather than the traditional passwords. The primary aim of SlickLogin was to make the processing of using passwords smoother than what it currently is or what it was, say, five years ago.

In fact, the aim of the company itself was to make security less irritating and less complicated. The acquisition of SlickLogin was announced through a blog post by the mega search engine company. According to the post, the SlickLogin team joined Google. The post further read that the company shares the principle that the login process should be easier and free of irritation and so should be the authentication.

Google totally values the security of their customers. No wonder, they are the first ones to introduce the two-step verification process to every single of their members and that too totally free. However, still it is not clear if Google is indeed going to offer the new system right away in place of the two-step verification process. Or has Google acquired SlickLogin with some new plans for the future?

It was less than a year since SlickLogin was started and it was launched officially with the audio password feature in the month of September 2013. As far as the technology is concerned, it makes use of the virtually soundless tone which the connected app can read.

The punch is that the tone is different every time someone logs in and that’s why it’s almost impossible to hack the audio identifier.

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