Share Your Location with Friends with Snapchat’s New Feature Snap Map

Recently, Snapchat has launched an exclusive feature ‘Snap Map’ for its users. And we promise you won’t have seen it on any other app so far.

Snap Map

Snap Map
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Snapchat has rolled out yet another amazing feature Snap Map that allows its users to find out the latest events or happenings in their nearest locations. Know where your friends are and surprise them by joining in there. Snapchat always keeps its users’ preferences handy, and in 2016, it solved its customers’ complaints by replacing its Auto Advance feature.

With Snap Map, you can share your current locations with anyone added in your contacts. Let others know how much fun you are having. Excited to use this overwhelming feature?

For seeing how it actually works, update your Snapchat app first, and then pinch to zoom out. Now, you will see a map displaying your friends’ Actionmoji. It will only appear if your friends have opted to disclose their location. And once you tap on it, you’ll be able to view their interesting stories right away.

It’s totally your choice to disclose your location with your friends on Snap Map. In case, you want to hide it, keep its Ghost Mode on. And this privacy control makes you the BOSS.

We give a big thumbs up to this wondrous Snap Map update. What’s your view?


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