Shop on Google: Google brings in product listings ads in search

Now you will be able to ‘Shop on Google’ and that too through ‘search’. That’s right. Now, when you search on, you will be able to see a list of websites where the products are listed along with the prices on websites where they are available.

The new results will be visible on the right-hand side of your screen. All this will be carried out as you normally carry out your search. There is nothing new in the way you have been using Google search. On the contrary, the search results will be richer instead.Google Results

The new model is known as product listings ads. The new results will display the images of the products, the name of the product and of course the price tag. The best part of the new model is that you don’t have to key in any extra information, yet the results will be there.

Another good thing about the new results is that people will be able to compare the products immediately then and there. If you are searching for products like Smartphones, you will also get different variants of a certain model like displayed in the image.

The availability of different products like price and the model will also give an idea to the users in a nutshell about the items they are searching. Google has expressed confidence that the fresh format will help both the users as well as the manufacturers.

Users can get sufficient information at one place, while the merchants will be able to display their products with a better visual medium. Another upside of the new model is that of the competitive rates. The competitive rates will get a push and ultimately help the consumers who are looking for better deals.

Finally, the product listing ads model is created with a view to urging the merchants to sponsor their products on Google Shopping.

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