.singles, .bike and similar new top-level domains for the web now

.com, .gov, .edu may be some of the domains active today. However, we will soon have brand new top-level domains like .singles and .bike.

As a matter of fact, a US-based web company has started to offer the above mentioned addresses. Apart from .singles and .bike, there are even other addresses like .guru .clothing and .plumbing. The company in question is Donuts Inc. who will be offering the services.

They are planning to introduce as many as seven new gTLDs (generic top-level domains). That will not be the end of the road. Actually, there will be more to come and will be rolled out on a week-by-week basis. The process is expected to run for a better part of the year.

The US company will be taking care of the domains and will work in accordance with other companies like GoDaddy so that customers will be able to get such desired domain names.

It is likely that the initial domains will be introduced on February 5, where domain suffixes camera, estate, equipment and graphics will be used, according to the company release. A total of 100+ gTLDs will be ready to be used. Once the initial stages of the formalities are over, the internet users will start seeing similar domain names across the web.

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