Smart TV SDK Brought out by Samsung Publicly

Samsung Smart TV SDK has been made available to the public by Samsung, which will allow them free hand in a lot of things. Read on to know more how that’s possible.

Smart TV SDK


In this technology goaded era, it has become necessary for the companies to come up with new ideas and innovations and Smart TV SDK is one of them. Things like this help to keep themselves firm footed in the market. For this, the companies follow different strategies which are then introduced in the market. Samsung, which is one of the prominent rulers of the market at present, has released a new kit that is expected to revolutionize the gadget market.

Samsung has finally released its Smart TV Software Development Kit (Smart TV SDK) publicly for the benefit of both the developers and the consumers. The kit can now be accessed by public in general as it is available for download from the Software Development Forum Website. It will provide developers and consumers the secure development content exposure in addition to being of great help in the expansion of single access experience for the customers. Previously, it was reserved to access to only a small number of applications that too by the selected partners. However, it is now in reach of all and sundry.

According to the Executive Vice president Wonjin Lee, it is an important element of single access content exposure. Developers can make use of it to compose applications for smart televisions powered by the company’s Tizen platform. It will also facilitate the developers to avail the opportunity of getting more exposure and provide help to promote the services. This publication by Samsung is surely expected to inspire the industry of applications and provide great chances to developers to excel and consumers to enjoy the luxury.


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