Smartisan M1 and M1L Launched in China with 23MP Camera

Smartisan M1 and M1L smartphones launched in China. The smartphones have a 23MP rear camera and are powered by Snapdragon 821 processor.

Smartisan M1 and M1L Launched


Many of us wouldn’t be aware of the Chinese smartphone maker, Smartisan. Smartisan Technology Co. Ltd. is a Chinese smartphone maker that was established in the year 2012. The company has recently announced two of its smartphones M1 and M1L. Smartisan M1 and M1L will be available in the market at a price of 2499 Yuan and 2799 Yuan respectively.

Talking about their specifications. M1 has a 5.15 inch Full HD display. Whereas, M1L will come with a 5.7-inch Fully HD handset.

Drilling deeper in the specifications, the smartphones have a 2.35GHz Snapdragon 821 quad-core processor. The rear camera is 23MP that has Sony IMX318 sensor. Isn’t that too good for photography obsessed people? The Smartisan M1 has a 3,050mAh battery whereas M1L being bigger in size, has a 4,080mAh battery.

The devices support Quick Charge 3.0 from Qualcomm. This enables the devices to get charged at a lightening speed. If you charge the M1L for just 5 minutes, it will deliver three and a half hours of talk time. It seems to be a boon for every Android user as the battery backup is very handy. It is one of the phones where you get faster charging. See if this new phone falls in the line of fast charging smartphones. The M1 can give its users four hours of call time in just 5 minutes. Whoa!

The Smartisan M1L weighs just 175g. On the other hand, the smaller Smartisan M1 weighs 146g. Smaller the battery and the device, lesser is the weight. Smartisan M1 has a 4GB RAM. With the storage capacity of 32GB, while the M1L has 4GB RAM and has a storage capacity of 32GB as well. The stainless steel versions of these smartphones make it look more sophisticated and amazing. The stainless steel Smartisan M1L that has a mirror finish will cost 3299 yuan. This version has a 6GB RAM with a storage capacity of 64GB. There is a 6GB RAM device as well. This Smartisan M1L smartphone would cost 2999 yuan.


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