Smartphone Launch India 2016: Honor 5c Launch

Smartphone launch India 2016 now brings the Honor 5c launch, supposedly in the next week. It’s a mid-range smartphone and so likely gain good market as it falls in the affordable price category.

Smartphone launch India 2016

Huawei has planned to launch a new smartphone that falls in the mid-range category. The smartphone in question is the Huawei Honor 5c. Right now, there aren’t many details available regarding the Honor 5c launch. However, reports suggest, which we think are more rumors than reports, that there will be a new design along with an upgraded chipset.

Smartphone-Launch-India-2016, Honor-5c-Launch

Smartphone launch India 2016 will bring the Honor 5c with the Kirin 950 chip, which is said to be a major upgrade over the Honor 4c that had the Kirin 620 chipset. As for the new chip, it will extend support to LTE connectivity as well, which wasn’t there in the Honor 4c.

Honor 5c launch is likely to materialize in this month. A leaked image showed “4.13” that more likely suggests 13th day of April. On this day, Huawei is likely to host a conference or an event, may be. Whatever, it is, we will certainly let you know about the new Smartphone launch India 2016, the Honor 5c launch.


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