Make your Smartphone work as a Key to August Smart Lock

Now, you can use your Smartphone just like a regular key for August Smart Lock. Yves Behar and Jason Johnson have floated their new company, August and the August Smart Lock is their first ever product. The latest product has joined some renowned names in the smart lock business, which can be controlled by a Smartphone.

The lock can be paired with the phone through a Bluetooth Low Energy connection. It can they go on to allow a keyless access. What you need to do is just walk up to the door and allow the lock to identify you. Once the identity is proved, it opens for you. You enter and the door gets automatically locked too.

Yves Behar and Jason Johnson, who is a serial entrepreneur, have spent the bulk of the time in the last year to work on their company and the product. The new smart lock is expected to be launched this year for a price of about $200. The two wanted a lock that would be safe and easy to operate and that too without compromising on the design.

The August lock is indeed easy to use as you can operate it with your standard key as well. The entire installation process lasts only about 10 minutes. So, it is easy and fast. A web app and a mobile app accompany the lock. So, it makes it possible to use BLE-enabled Smartphones as well. The initial launch will see Android and iOS apps.

With the August locks, it will be possible to keep a track of the person visiting the house and the timings as well. You can also modify the specific days when a person can have access to your home.

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