Tips to help buy you a Smartphone on EMIs

Nowadays, mobile handset making companies are providing EMI schemes on certain models of Smartphone. That makes it easier for the customers to own their favorite model of the brand they always wished to possess. EMI schemes come in handy especially when people cannot afford to buy a costly Smartphone in one go.

Companies like Samsung and Apple have also jumped in the EMI schemes concept. They are offering customers the option on their top phones. That automatically increases the sales of the phones and it is ultimately the company that benefits.

The options in these schemes include features like zero interest on the entire amount as well as the duration of the repayment. The time frame can be anywhere from six months to a year. These features make it easier for the customers to own the gadget they always wanted to have.

So what the customers need to look for is the timing of the introduction of the scheme along with the clauses included. These two factors can make a big difference to how much profits the company can make. If you are going to buy a phone through the EMI scheme that is in the market already, you could be compromising on how latest the gadget is.

For example, if you are going for a smartphone that is in the market for six months and getting the EMI duration of even at least six months, makes the gadget one year old until you pay off completely. So, in between, you can hardly think of buying a new phone that launches in the market during this period.

Some schemes, on the other hand, make you accept the services of a certain service provider. That puts the company in profits in the long run. Higher sales figures can also be achieved by the company upon the introduction of the EMI schemes.

We aren’t saying that EMI schemes are always self-centered and benefit the companies. However, consumers should take all things into consideration before going for EMI schemes.

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