SMS App Pulse is a New Cool Entrant with Amazing Features

Klinker has now officially released its SMS app Pulse. The app was announced earlier in September, but at that time it was in its beta form. This new messaging app has got some really cool features.

SMS App Pulse


If you say that there are only a few messaging apps on the Android platform, then this won’t turn out to be true. As the fact is people often don’t look for such an app. They wield the same default messaging method of their respective devices. While most of these default messages don’t even hold useful features. However, there is numerous messaging app that is present in the market with lots of cool stuff.

Klinker has made its presence earlier with Talon on Twitter platform. The other extensions that Klinker added to its list are Sliding Messaging as well as EvolveSMS. So here they come with their new SMS app Pulse (which they previously termed Messenger).

SMS app Pulse

Let’s get on to installing the app. When the process ends, we see a normal and regular text messaging app. Firstly, it will ask for your permissions, imports your previous messages, then the app will show you an overview of the working procedures. Now you are free to change global settings, like if you wish to change the themes. You can even go to each thread and then make adjustments in the settings specifically based on your contacts.

SMS app Pulse

Furthermore, the all-new Pulse has something special in its pocket. The app enables you to access all of your text messages and even reply to them from any other Android device. This extends particularly to any Android platform like tablets, phones, TVs, or computer through a website, Chrome extension, or a Chrome app. But an account is a must for performing this activity.

SMS app Pulse

When considering the price factors. Then, Kinkler’s new app will be free for 7 days definitely as a trial version. And soon after that, it will be chargeable with different pricing options. You will get a Full lifetime access offer that will cost you for $10.99. You can even subscribe it for $5.99 each year, $1.99 for a period of three months, or $0.99 to be payable for each month.

You can head on to the Google Play Store of your device and download the app.


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