Snap Me Up Forces you to Take a Selfie To Turn Alarm Off

There are lots of interesting and useful apps around and Snap Me Up is certainly one of them. As the word in the app “snap” suggests, it has to do something with taking a picture. However, this android alarm app has more to do with waking you up from your bed than taking a snap.

Snap Me Up

Waking up from sleep is a very lengthy process for many people. More often than not, one would hit “Snooze” and go back to sleep again. This is a recurring practice and on many occasions you are still drowsy before you come out of the bed.

However, Snap Me Up isn’t like any other app that helps you wake up. The app actually makes you take a selfie of yourself before the alarm can be turned off. As long as you do not take a selfie, the alarm will keep ringing intermittently.

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Why is the Selfie a Must on This App?

The difference between this and other apps is that it ‘wakes’ you up to a certain level. Other apps or the standard alarm clock will wake you up, but probably be unsuccessful. But with Snap Me Up, you have to position yourself so that you can take a picture (as that is the only way to turn the alarm off as mentioned above).

While you do this – take your selfie, you already are half out of bed or lose your sleep. You at least start your day with something to ‘tackle’ upfront.

Currently Works on Android Only

This app is currently available for Android only, which is available on Play Store. You can download the same by following this link.

Installing the app on an Android phone is a child’s play. After installation, you set the alarms as you used to do before. There is also face detection feature that prohibits you from taking a blurry snap of yourself.

There are both camera options provided in Snap Me Up. As most Smartphones have two cameras – primary and secondary, you can choose to use either of them to take your early morning snaps.

How About your Pictures?

As you start using Snap Me Up, pictures will start flooding your Smartphone. But, you may have wondered what happens to the pictures. Well, they aren’t deleted automatically. In fact, Snap Me Up saves them in your gallery like any other image. In fact, the android alarm app creates an album titled “My Sleepy Snaps”.

It’s but obvious that you won’t look too good with these snaps reluctantly taken, but then they will certainly bring a smile on your face when you see them a few months later.

Apps Similar to Snap Me Up

Common now, let’s be a bit honest. Apps like Snap Me Up aren’t the ones that are the firsts in the business. Taking a selfie is an activity the app forces you to carry out to start your activities so that you somehow lose your sleep. There are similar apps like these on the Play Store.SpinMe Alarm Clock and I Can’t Wake Up! Alarm Clock are a couple of them.

Do add in apps of your knowledge that serve similar purposes.

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