Snapchat rejected Facebook’s $3 billion buyout offer. Why?

Snapchat might be something where no real money is coming in. But Snapchat has still rejected Facebook’s $3 billion offer of a buyout.

The race for owning popular and famous apps is not new. But how about something like Snapchat, Instagram or even Tumblr for that matter that do not really bring in the bucks, but are still offered millions and billions of dollars. Snapchat isn’t three years old yet but is in great demand by social networking sites like Facebook.Facebook

There are many takers for Snapchat with Facebook offering the highest amount. But what’s Snapchat after all? It is a social media platform that is run by two people – Evan Spiegel and Bobby Murphy, in their 20s.

As far as the buyout of Snapchat by Facebook is concerned, the youngsters who matter at Snapchat have drawn out and haven’t considered the offer. It is not that they aren’t amused at the idea of earning billions of dollars for their work. What they think is striking a deal now, could potentially leave them from more billions coming their way.

Spiegel and Murphy are the two former Stanford fraternity brothers who have started this service. The USP of the service is the ability of the stuff to ‘disappear’ once it is viewed. For example, once the videos or images are viewed they just ‘disappear’ into thin air.

The service gained popularity as sending sexually explicit messages and videos got far too easy. Moreover, it relieves you of the headache of deleting such stuff. The young generation also got attracted towards Snapdeal as it is equally easier trading photo messages.

In the recent past, the company has caught the eye of some top tech companies and has become the most sought-after business. Some Silicon Valley companies are also talking about Snapdeal.

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