Snapdragon 820 – A Great Booting Assist!

The mobile market revolution is triggered by the advent of Snapdragon 820, which is nothing less than a miracle of science.

Snapdragon 820


The advancement in technology has revolutionized the mobile market and this revolution is further triggered by the advent of Snapdragon 820 a miracle of science. Galaxy S7 Edge model that was launched in the market in the month of March this year proved disappointing and unsatisfactory for some users as it was marked with the absence of unlockable bootloader.

There is not much change as far as this aspect is concerned even today, that is, months later as it still marks its absence. However, a new root method has been inculcated in the snapdragon 820 models. The working of this method is quite simple as it works by flashing an engineered boot image that can be set up with the version of Odin tool. As a matter of fact, this root method is restricted to only one function, that is, it allows the root access only thus showing its limited power. Moving further, the results about the success of this root method is somewhat ambiguous.


A section of the society opines that it works flawlessly and most efficiently whereas other segment of the society asserts that it does not as occasionally it show improper functioning as they have at some or the other point of time faced certain bugs and issues with the booting up process. Ideally, Sprint and Verizon should have been found active while the device is being operated by the users but still these are not found working as can be evaluated from the valuable response of the users who have reported nothing pertaining to it. Originally, this method was framed for the AT&T Galaxy 7 edge, model number SM-G935A. However, at present it is found working on non edge models having both AT&T versions.


Any sort of alterations in the Samsung device can lead to stumbling of the Knox security with the chances that Samsung pay may get disabled. As explained above that too briefly, it can be concluded that this root method should be only used if a person is sure of how to go about it and about all what he is going to do, otherwise as already mentioned it has the potential to hamper the working of your device leading to considerable damage in addition to hampered performance. Thus, this root method can act as a blessing for those who are sure of how to use it but at the same time it can become a matter to concern for those who are not familiar and sure about its working procedure.


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