SnoopSnitch App to Identify Who’s Spying on You

There are so many apps for carrying out various tasks and SnoopSnitch is one of them. It is an Android app that will help in detecting International Mobile Subscriber Identity. It was launched in the last week of the last month. The launch took place in the Hamburg city of Germany.


As a matter of fact, SnoopSnitch is there to protect you from those people who are spying on you. The app is able to detect the IMSI (International Mobile Subscriber Identity). It is a sure shot way of knowing if there are people who are keeping a watch on you, your activities and your important data, behind your back. SnoopSnitch can be a great aid to save you from the impending attacks.

Security researchers Alex Senier and Karsten Nohl along with Tobias Engel are the creators behind the app. The trio works with SRLabs in Berlin. It was just the concern for public privacy that led them to the development of the app.


IMSI Catchers

The IMSI catchers are devices that ‘eavesdrop’ on your Smartphone. Through this they can track the interchanges in your device, the traffic as well as other details. IMSI catchers are also known as ‘stingrays’. They can run through the gadget and access critical information. They can both read SMSes and also listen to the calls. This can be dangerous as there can be private and confidential communication on the mobile phones.

These days a lot of business related work goes on, on Smartphones itself. So, to secure you from outside attackers SnoopSnitch is a must.

Smartphone’s Friend SnoopSnitch

There is little doubt that SnoopSnitch is a friend of your Smartphone. The app can instantly make out IMSI catcher and if any information is being sent out. The app can intimate the Smartphone user about the same.

SnoopSnitch looks into the signals from the IMSI catchers. As state above, the app works with Android devices. However, there are a lot of restrictions regarding which devices it supports. It has to be mentioned that not all devices can, at present, work with this security app. Only those Smartphones that come with Qualcomm chips can currently use this app. These chips are used in the Samsung Galaxy and Sony handsets.

Features of SnoopSnitch

  • SnoopSnitch is extremely helpful in detecting stingrays
  • The app can notify Smartphone users if their devices are leaking out any information
  • Works with Qualcomm chips, especially with Sony and Samsung handsets
  • The app allows the users knowing if surveillance exists in certain areas

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