So, what’s new in the Windows 8.1 update?

Finally the Windows 8 update, the Windows 8.1 is here. The update is expected to support a lot of bugs and bring in some fresh changes as well. It is indeed a curiosity to know the new update holds.

So, what’s new in the Windows 8.1 update?

More customization options

First and foremost, the new version of the OS will offer more customization options than what was seen in the Windows 8.

Visual enhancements

There is also a visual improvement as more colors are used in the background. The live tiles will also get more variable sizes, which have been the backbone of the Windows 8, not only on computers, but also on Smartphones.

Return of the Start button

What is Windows without the Start button, which has become a household part today? The update will bring back the Start button, which was pretty much a demand when the Windows 8 was launched. Without that, many users had faced difficulties in operating the new system.Windows-8.1-start

The placement of the button has been retained to give the new OS a more familiar look. However, the new button still takes you to the Start environment of the tile-based Windows 8.

Booting your PC

There are two options of booting your PC. You can boot in the traditional way – in the Desktop environment. Or you can choose to remain with the default and new tile interface.

Update apps

Microsoft says that there are now nearly 110,000 apps as against the 10,000 last year. Some of the newest apps include Hulu Plus, NOOK, Facebook and Evernote among many others.

Sky Drive

There’s more to Sky Drive in Windows 8.1 than before coupled with the Bing search. If you are searching for an artist, let’s say a singer, you can stream the tracks for free, which will be delivered by the XBox Music. You can also get to see the images of the performer and details as a profile.


Depending on what the screen size of your device is, you will be able to display at least four apps. You can also change the size of the windows where the apps appear.

There is a lot to look forward to for Microsoft with this update. Only time will tell the answer.

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