Social Network Posts to Avoid On Social Networking

Social network posts are a must to make them viral, especially for bloggers. Sharing so many things on social networking sites has become an order of the day for many people. There are funny social networking posts; some of them are interesting, while some are really helpful.

There is a variety of audience on the web so one can find a range of social posts from cuisine to travel and education to sports.

Social Network Posts

As stated earlier, it is vital to make posts viral for a blogger. However, there are things that you should never make public through social sites. The thing is, you should know what you should post on social sites and what not. Here, we take a look at top 5 key things you should never post socially.

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#1. Current Area

It is vital not to expose your current location or area, especially if you are away from home for days together. Updating your status like “Vacationing in New York” or “On a holiday trip to Europe” is like inviting thieves openly. Also avoid tweeting about your outdoor activities that can plainly let people know your physical location.

Also, keep in mind not to post travel articles immediately when you are still travelling. Such social network posts can also give the terrible guys a hint as to where you currently are. Keep a low-profile whenever you are away. You can always post pictures and stuff about your travel when you are back.

#2. Your Primary Phone or Mobile Number

These days, it has become risky to give out numbers on social networking sites, especially mobile numbers. Today, mobile phones can be used for a range of purposes including online trading, paying online bills, etc. So, it is very important to not share this number on social sites. Hackers can easily get hold of sensitive data and bring you in financial or even in legal trouble.

The trouble does not end here. These days, there are many tools available to find out the physical location of your house – or at least narrow down the search – from your phone number alone. So, it becomes even more vital to not put your number socially.

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#3. Geotagged Images

Regarding the social network posts, never add your pictures with geotags. The geotag is one of the best ways to convey your present location to the outside world. The trick where you can get caught unaware is your phone clicking images for you along with the location. Let’s point it out again – you may not even be aware of this as you are busy clicking images.

One of the safest ways is to remove the geotags from the images. There are times when you really do not need geotags. However, they still exist there. They best out to do away with geotags. Here are the quick steps:

  • Open “Settings” from your iPhone
  • Tap “Privacy”
  • Now select “Location Services”
  • You should find “Camera” setting
  • Tap to switch “Off”

You may further need detailed assistance on removing geotags. An app like deGeo can also be helpful.

#4. Your Professional Engagements

Social network posts most certainly aren’t the places to flash your professional commitments and/or engagements. Anything related to your work must not at all be on social networks. Your current job, job status, your workplace and any other similar information can come in handy for hackers to take undue advantage of this information.

Don’t post anything even in your excitement of having completed a project within time with great efforts. Your success can spell to be a vital clue about you, your company and the tasks you carry out. Let these things be confined to your workplace only.

#5. Your Postal Address

Your postal or home address is another thing that you should never expose through on social networking sites or through social network posts. It would be wise to leave the home address field blank in your profiles. Even if there are millions of such profiles online, do not take it for granted that people aren’t looking at yours.

Various map apps make it easier for criminal minded people to sneak open into your house. They best know it where you are at that point in time. So, better never expose any of such information to the cruel world around and also on social network posts.


Apart from this, your relationship status, travel and vacation plans and birth dates are some more critical pieces of information that you should avoid on social network posts.

If you feel we have missed anything in the list, please feel free to mention it in the comments below. We are waiting…!!!

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