Software Programs that can read Human Emotions

How nice it would be to know that there are software programs that can read human emotions. Yes, it does have its negative side, but imagine a software program knowing that you are getting bored or are frustrated over an issue and entertains you.

As a matter of fact, there are apps and various gadgets that can make out what one needs even actually the person knowing it. If three are such apps then what’s wrong with having an app or software that can read the human mind. Well, it may sound like a science fiction, but it may soon turn out to be true.

Affectiva is one such company that is actually working on such software that can understand the human emotions. This software can actually train the computers to fathom the human mind and emotions. This software can recognize the emotions with the help of the psychological reactions as well as facial expressions.

There is another company Beyond Verbal that has raised around $3 million, is also working on such software with which it will be possible to analyze speech, which will, in turn, be derived from the verbal toning of that person. This can help understand the nature of the person and the qualities he carries.

Last month, Microsoft had made public the Xbox One – the company’s gaming console. This comes with an update of Kinect, which happens to be the motion-tracking device. As a matter of fact, one can control Kinect by voice commands. However, it isn’t programmed with any software for detecting the human emotions. But it can track trivial changes in the face and body.

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