Sony HT-RT40 home theatre system unveiled at Rs. 22,990

Sony HT-RT40 home theatre system gets a surround sound technology along with 5.1 channel sound and a power output of massive 600W.

Sony HT-RT40 home theatre system

Sony HT-RT40 home theatre system
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The presence of 3-channel soundbar in Sony HT-RT40 home theatre system offers a theater-like sound experience to the users. The rear speakers and ‘Tall Boy’ help the sound bar in circulating sound. Recently, Sony had also rolled out its Sony Xperia XA1 Ultra in India at Rs. 29,990. Its front camera of16MP and rear camera of 23MP deliver super amazing shots.

The company had launched its Android Nougat software for Xperia XA Ultra. While using HT-RT40 home theatre system, the customers can connect their gadgets for enjoying music via its several connectivity options such as Bluetooth and NFC.

With its special ‘Music Center’ feature, browsing music via smartphone has become more convenient. There will be a USB port along with an HDMI out that can be connected to Bravia televisions.

Sony HT-RT40 home theatre system displays ‘S-Master HX’ digital amp for producing premium frequency ranges. The ClearAudio+ feature also fine-tines TV sound settings on its own. The amazing theatre system can be yours at Rs. 22,990 only.


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