Sony Mobile reveals 3G NFC wireless SmartWatch 2

Sony Mobile has revealed the 3G NFC wireless SmartWatch 2, which is an Android device. It is expected to be available globally by the month of September. The announcement came in Shanghais at the Mobile Asia Expo.
Sony has also unveiled the Xperia Z Ultra and announced the same during the Expo.
The SmartWatch 2 comes in a display of 1.6 inches and has a resolution of 220 X 176 pixels. The gadget comes in LCD display and has swipe and touch capabilities as well. So it is easy to work with.
Even if you are out in the sun, still it is easy to check things on the display. The battery life is good with around four days of standard use. Any 4.0 and later Android version of the OS suits the SW2.
Bluetooth 3.0 makes it a breeze to share stuff with a single touch wireless pairing to any Android phone. If the SW2 isn’t paired to a phone, it functions as a standalone digital watch. At this stage too users are able to read emails and notifications.
However, when the device is paired, it can snap a photo or take a call all by the touch of your wrist. When the SW2 is in a paired state, it can act as a second screen for Android Smartphones. It can also work as an app interface for remotely controlling a presentation.

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